Anastasia kept me engaged, this is rare to keep me engaged.

Cheryl, Aboriginal Health Worker

You are an amazing woman and I love your style.

Cathy, Aboriginal Youth Worker

Great and useful content.  Delivery was great and laughs all round.  Great sharing space!! Will definitely use some strategies to look after myself.

Mel, Aboriginal Health Worker

Your session was amazing – Thanks!

Luke, Adelaide Magistrate

Brilliant, made me aware fully about compassion fatigue. Anastasia was amazing, bubbly, best presenter.

Karlee, Nurse, Palliative Care, Modbury Hospital

Anastasia was very engaging, spoke well, listened to all, kept the conversation moving. I have really enjoyed this workshop.

Jenny, Nurse, Palliative Care, Modbury Hospital

Anastasia, your course was brilliant. You adopted to make the course highly relevant to our group. You brought a huge amount of passion and enthusiasm to the workshop and created and environment in which we felt comfortable to share by including your own experiences. I think this course should be compulsory learning for new health professionals and particularly those of us in more ‘emotion-heavy’ specialities such as Palliative Care, Haematology and Oncology. Highly recommended. Thank you!

Stephanie, Registrar, Palliative Care, Modbury Hospital

Very valuable, I will highly recommend this course to others. I feel I have gained useful tools, skills and resources to implement immediately! Anastasia was very enthusiastic, encouraging, knowledgeable and full of kindness and compassion.

Caroline, Occupational Therapist, Palliative Care, Modbury Hospital

Engaging, honest and funny (in a nice and kind way).

Suzane, Social Worker, Palliative Care, Modbury Hospital

Very engaging session, wonderful speaker, authentic and honest. Many practical strategies to take away and apply to my life. Thank you.

Mil, Doctor, Palliative Care, Modbury Hospital