Howling at the Moon: healing the pain of pet loss, is a unique element of Compassion Fatigue Australia, because it has been specifically created to support veterinarians and animal workers, and it has a dual focus.

Essentially, we provide training to vets and animal workers through facilitating workshops in raising awareness of compassion fatigue and how to support the grieving client.

For veterinary professionals and their teams the work is not just caring for the animals, it is also about caring for the people who are bonded with the animals they treat. Animal shelter workers and volunteers who witness harshness, abandonment and human cruelty are also saturated with pain and yet continue to provide a service many of us could not perform.

Because of their dedication to others, animal workers tend to forget about looking after themselves Howling at the Moon: healing the pain of pet loss is designed to remind them of the importance of self-compassion and supports them in cultivating sustainable well-being practices.

Second, we offer grief counselling to those who have lost their beloved animal companion.

Our animal friends give the best of themselves, and it does not matter what type of pet – from stick insects to horses and everything in between, a powerful bond is formed.

Anyone who has ever loved an animal knows that when this unique bond is broken through loss, the grief can be indescribable, because the relationship with your beloved animal is like no other.

My personal experience of loss, and deep understanding of the powerful bond between humans and their animal companions has led me to provide a space for you to mourn your loss without apology.