Anastasia Goussios

Director and Founder

Anastasia Goussios is the Director and Founder of Compassion Fatigue Australia. Anastasia is a registered psychologist, spiritual seeker, teacher and keynoter.

Anastasia’s head office is based in Adelaide, South Australia. Her skill in supporting individuals and organisations spans over three decades. Anastasia’s professional experience includes, the corporate and forensic arenas, rural and remote communities. She has also acted as an adviser to high stress, high trauma organisations. Anastasia also runs a successful private practice.

Anastasia’s lived experience of the debilitating effects of compassion fatigue, trauma and burnout motivated her to create Compassion Fatigue Australia. Her speaking and educational services serve as a platform for breaking the silence and stigma surrounding the very natural human consequences of prolonged exposure to stress and trauma.

Anastasia can engage, energise and inspire those whom she works with.

She has facilitated workshops to thousands of leaders and employees and has spoken at conferences. Sectors that she has assisted include health care, justice, palliative care, local government, education, community, sexual assault, housing, domestic violence, midwifery, banking, human resources, nursing, medical, intensive care, animal workers, veterinarians, retirement and communication networks.

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