Our vision is to be national leaders in creating positive, emotionally healthy organisational climates shaped by compassion, sustainability and true humanity.

Our purpose

Our mission is to support and educate organisations and those on the front line about the debilitating effects of compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma and stress. To provide cutting edge tools and strategies to increase safety, engagement, optimism and health.

Core values

Approachable and Welcoming

We pride ourselves on our friendly, open and warm business style. We are passionate about what we offer, and genuinely care about making sure that people’s experience with us is positive and valuable.


Creating positive enduring connections with our clients is essential to the way we work.

Walk the Talk

We practice self-compassion by ensuring that we make our own self-care and personal and professional development needs a priority. Ensuring that we can then be the best version our ourselves professionally and personally.

Courage and Continuous Improvement

Our entrepreneurial spirit motivates us to reach beyond boundaries, challenging conventional paradigms, remaining curious and optimistic, as we seek creative, revitalising results for those we partner with.