Compassion Fatigue Australia is a collaboration of expert consultants, each with decades of experience in psychology, human resources and executive management.


Our vision is to work collaboratively with courageous leaders in generating possibilities that facilitate the creation of flourishing work environments shaped by compassion and true humanity.

Our mission

Our mission is to promote resilience and overall well-being at the individual and organisational level, through the application of education and awareness programmes, restorative support and proactive leadership.

Core values

Our value system is the cornerstone on which we deliver our services. They are designed to encourage business growth and success through constructive management practices that understand and support human frailties and build upon their strengths.

Self-Knowledge and Humility

We believe self-knowledge grounded by humility enables us to deliver beneficial and meaningful services. It fuels our commitment for continuous development and fosters a curiosity and hunger to learn from anyone, anywhere.

Compassion and Respect

We believe in the interconnectedness of all life, and consequently show respect and compassion for all living creatures. Without prejudice, we assist where we can with clear intent to make the world a better place for all.


We remain courageous at challenging conventional paradigms and exploration of alternate possibilities that create productive work environments shaped by compassion and true humanity. We understand that it is not only our achievements, it is having the courage to accept and learn from our mistakes that assists us in implementing wisdom in the way we live and work.

Gratitude and Positive-Emotions

We freely express our gratitude and believe that fostering positive emotions within ourselves and others is essential in achieving meaningful interactions and personal well-being.


We are visionaries because of our professional freedom. As an organisation, we explore and expand our continuous growth in an optimistic and constructive way. Freedom within the confines of social morals and ethical work practices supports the essential periods of reflection and rejuvenation required to live and work authentically.