Presentations to Senior Executive and key stakeholders such as Board Members. “What is the cost of Compassion Fatigue to your organisation if not addressed?”

Human Resource

We offer awareness training programmes to support the well-being of Human Resource staff as they support the workforce.


Leaders, managers and team leaders share the dual responsibility for their own individual self-care and self-awareness, which is also linked to the well-being of their staff. Programmes are designed to support, strong, pro-active leaders that role model their own well-being practices whilst facilitating staff self-care.


Induction is an important process for all new employees. It is the key to ensuring that they have the organisational knowledge required to start work with confidence. Compassion fatigue is currently a relatively unknown risk and a natural consequence of caring. Educating new members to the organisation about the symptoms of compassion fatigue and how to mitigate its effects is a positive start in creating optimal conditions for both the individual and organisation to thrive.